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Stem cell has been an interesting and promising focus among researchersandthe public because of their therapeutic potential in dealing with difficult diseases, many of which are essentially incurable by conventional therapies. It is hoped that stem cells will play a major role in the treatment of a number of incurable diseases via transplantation cell therapy. The Stem Cell and Cancer Institute (SCI) was established in 2006 as a center for stem cell and cancer research.  SCI is focused on the research of umbilical cord matrix as a new source of mesenchymal stem cells. In the cancer research area, SCI is more focused on lung and breast cancer.  SCI conducted clinical trials in the treatment for osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, non union bone fracture, and is also engaged in family medical history research of lung and  breast cancer patients. SCI also tested a variety of proteins derived from stem cells and tissue cells that are proposed to be used in cosmetic products for skin rejuvenation. We believe that SCI  will play an importantrole  as a center for stem cell and cancer research, which will prepare the basis for future therapeutic developments in cell therapy. 

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