Institutional Review Board

The SCI’s Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The SCI’s IRB is a board that reviews and approves all ethical matters of SCI. Prior to the collection of human-related samples, approval from IRB should be received. Current the SCI’s IRB members are:

Chair: Prof. dr. R. Sjamsuhidajat, SpB.KBD

Sjamsuhidajat is emeritus professor of surgery (2001) at the University of Indonesia, School  of Medicine at Jakarta. In 1997 he is elected fellow of the Indonesia Academy of Sciences. Interested in medical education including specialist training, he became the first head of the Department of Medical Education at the School of Medicine of the same university in 2006. Serving as chairman of the Ethical Review Board for medical researh for many years at the same school of medicine, he gained experience in research ethics, and insight of the many aspects of medical ethics, medical humanities and medical law. He serves for the last three years as chairman of the Ethics Review Board, Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Jakarta, and chairman of the Ethics Review Committee, Stem Cell and Cancer Institute, Jakarta.

Member :

1.   Prof. dr. Frans Suyatna, SpFK, Ph.D
2.   dr. Widura, MS
3.   Debbie S. Retnoningrum, Ph.D
4.   Prof. Dr. dr. Farid Aziz, FICS
5.   Drs. Pre Agusta Siswantoro, MBA, Apt
6    Prof.Dr. Santoso Cornain, DSC
7.   Dr. Dede Martinelly, SH, MH
8.   Dr. Sampurno,MBA,Apt
9.   Romo Ramon
10. Hari W

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