On January 19th 2017, Stem Cell and Cancer Institute received a visit from Kalbis Institute’s Information System department which consisted of 19 students and a lecturer (Mrs. Ika Suhartanti Darmo).

In this visit, Akterono Dwi Budiyanti, M.Biomed conducted a presentation on SCI profile to introduce short introduction on our institute while Dr. Harry Murti conducted further presentation regarding the various business our institute has helped to develop, in stem cell and cancer areas, such as Kalbe Genomics and ReGeniC. The visit was designed to further introduce the students to help them understand how our institute can combine both research and business together as one of the pillar of support of Kalbe Farma.

Figure 1. Akterono Dwi Budiyati, M.Biomed conducted a presentation on SCI profile.

Figure 2. Dr. Harry Murti conducted a presentation on SCI research and businesses.

Figure 3. Photograph session of information system students from Kalbis Institute.

Hopefully, this type of visits will be able to inspire students to find out more about research-based business in Indonesia, especially in the field of stem cell and cancer technology.

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