Liposomes are the most common and well-investigated nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery. They have improved therapies for range of biomedical applications by stabilizing therapeutic compounds, overcoming obstacles to cellular and tissue uptake and improving biodistribution of compounds to target sites in vivo. Since their first approval as nanoscale drug for clinical use in 1995, there have been some major breakthrough in liposome technology that improved their applications in pharmaceutical applications.

In order to improve the knowledge and potential collaboration in the field of liposome-based technology, Stem Cell and Cancer Institute invited Dr. Ines Atmosukarto, a chief executive officer of Lipotek Pty. Ltd, a company based in Australia specialized in developing targeted vaccine delivery and adjuvant technologies, to give a talk. In this occasion, Dr. Ines shared her expertise and experiences in doing research on liposome-based delivery platform that have potential for improving drug delivery efficacy.

Figure 1.  Dr. Ines Atmosukarto shared knowledge about liposome-based delivery platform to SCI team.

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