On March 9th 2018, Stem Cell and Cancer Institute was visited by Network Bank of Dr. Soetomo Hospital Staff in Surabaya, with the aim to conduct a comparative study of Stem Cell processing laboratory setting which meets the regulation standard in Indonesia.

This event was started with discussion regarding Stem Cell production process, quality, and Air System (HVAC) used in Stem Cell processing laboratory, conducted by our Principal Investigator, Indra Bachtiar, Ph.D. Then, continued with processing laboratory survey which obtained GMP certification, conducted by our Principal Investigator Dr. Harry Murti. The session was closed with presentation about benefits and application of Stem Cell Therapy by our director dr. Sandy Qlintang.

Through this event, we hope to establish future collaborations with other hospitals in Indonesia and to become a reference in processing laboratory of Stem Cell. This will help to improve knowledge and healthcare services especially in the area of Stem Cell therapies.

Figure 1 : Dr. Soetomo Hospital Staffs visited SCI.

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