Stem Cell Research

       Stem cells possess the remarkable potential to develop and to differentiate into many types of cells in the body. The basic function of stem cells in human body are as tools for internal repair system, as they can be divide unlimitedly to replenish damaged cells. Stem cells are distinguished from other cells based on its important characteristics: they are unspecialized and they can be induced to become tissue specific cells. Given their unique differential capabilities, stem cells are now considered as a golden opportunity to cure different types of degenerative diseases, which is commonly referred as regenerative medicine. Amongst few types of stem cells, the most thoroughly researched stem cells are adult stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are one type of adult stem cells.  MSCs can be fairly isolated from bone marrow, adipose tissue or umbilical cord matrix. Significant advances of isolation, expansion and application have been made since they were first discovered.


Stem Cell


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