Research Project

1.  Molecular genetic and epigenetic profiles of indonesian cancer patients

Principle Investigator: Ahmad Utomo,Ph.D

       Current projects aim to capture prevalence and spectrum of genetic and/or epigenetic changes found in breast, colorectal, lung, brain, blood cancers. Understanding these changes lead to genetic or epigenetic biomarkers that are useful for early detection, prognostic evaluation, treatment selection and disease monitoring.

Moreover, genotypes of cancer causing virus such as HPV, HBV, and HCV are also of particular interests. In some cases, specific viral genotype may predict vaccine efficacy and may aid in disease prognosis and treatment strategy.

2.  Diagnostics kit development to support personalized medicine of cancer management

Principle Investigator: Ahmad Utomo,Ph.D

       For the past five years, major clinical and pathology guidelines such as ASCO, NCCN, ESMO, and CAP have endorsed adoption of molecular biomarkers in cancer managements. For example, first line treatments of many drugs such as monoclonal antibodies or kinase inhibitors rely on presence or absence of genetic mutations found in tumors. Therefore, as molecular testing are becoming common place, there is a need for molecular diagnostic kits that are reliable to use in hospitals.



  • 8-capillary Genetic Analyzer capable of genetic sequencing and fragment sizing
  • PCR core facilities with both conventional and real time capabilities
  • Pathology core laboratory with automated immunohistochemistry and digital slide scanning equipment


Cancer Therapy: Pharmacogenomics Applications


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