TB Detection Kit ​

TB Detection Kit ​ Indonesia has the country with the third-highest burden of TB in the world. Around 824.000  estimated cases were reported in Indonesia in 2021. The high incidence rate of TB infections in Indonesia requires massive TB screening tests using IVD kit with reliable performance, definite features, easy to perform, and affordable.  ​

Today, IVD division of SCI Contribute to  Tuberculosis (TB) elimination roadmap by providing locally manufactured TB diagnostic solution. Since 2021 SCI began to develop TB detection kit that can detect TB disease, drug-resistant TB and TB caused by bacteria other than MTB such as Non-mycobacterium (NTM).  The kit we developed is an open system that can be used in real-time PCR machines that are almost available throughout Indonesia. The kit also has an official distribution permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health with an AKD number 20303220884​

The availability of locally made kits that can detect TB can make it easier for health practitioners to determine the diagnosis of TB that will be impacted TB sufferers getting appropriate treatment. The importance of proper TB treatment and detection will also have an impact on efforts to reduce transmission rates in TB cases. Therefore, we hope our research and innovation in TB detection will decrease the number of TB cases in Indonesia and support the government achieve the goal of a TB-free in Indonesia by 2030. ​